Educational Materials

Education and Management Materials

Phytophthora on Abies spp. (true firs)

V. Talgø and G. Chastagner, JKI Data Sheets (2013). 11 pp. (available in eleven languages)

Phytophthora bleeding canker of horse chestnut

Phytophthora bleeding canker of horse chestnut. (P. cactorum and P. citricola) J. Webber, UK Forest Research. 4 pp.

A summary of North American hardwood tree diseases with bleeding canker symptoms (2007)

A. H. Nelson and G. Hudler. Arboriculture and Urban Forestry 33(2):122-131.

Control of Phytophthora root rot in forest nurseries

Includes P. cinnamomi and P. cactorum on Pinus radiata. 2009. Farm Forestry New Zealand. 3 pp.