Potential of Phytophthora pinifolia to spread via sawn green lumber: a preliminary investigation

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Journal Article


Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science, Volume 74, Number 4, p.211-216 (2012)




Phytophthora pinifolia causes the needle and shoot disease of Pinus radiata in Chile known as Daño Foliar del Pino. Although P. pinifolia is primarily a needle pathogen, there are concerns that it might be spread to new environments via the export of contaminated timber. In order to determine whether P. pinifolia can enter or persist in green sawn lumber, its presence in lumber produced from trees exposed to the pathogen for at least four years was examined. Green lumber produced from the infected trees, and green wood samples artificially exposed to P. pinifolia inoculum, were analysed by making extensive isolations on Phytophthora selective media. In addition, PCR was conducted using species-specific primers developed for P. pinifolia. Results of the study showed that the green sawn lumber taken from trees infected by P. pinifolia, or green lumber exposed in infected pine plantations, displayed no evidence of the pathogen surviving in this material.