Potential host range of four Phytophthora interspecific hybrids from Clade 8a

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Plant Pathology, Volume 69, Issue 7, p.1281 - 1290 (2020)




In recent years several interspecific hybrids have been reported in the plant pathogenic oomycete genus Phytophthora. Due to the large genotypic and phenotypic changes, these hybrids might have broader or more limited host ranges compared with their parental species. It is crucial to understand the host range of Phytophthora hybrids to minimize the economic losses caused by their infection. The potential host range of four hybrids belonging to Clade 8a of the Phytophthora phylogenetic tree was investigated in this study. Thirty species of herbaceous plants as well as eight species of woody plants were inoculated and monitored for any symptom of infection. In addition, the detached twigs of 32 tree species, fruits of six plant species, tubers of potato, and roots of carrot and sugar beet were investigated for susceptibility to these hybrids. Almost all hybrids caused severe rot on all tested fruits, tubers, and roots, although different isolates showed different pathogenicity on detached tree twigs. All hybrids tested had a different host range compared with their parental species: they were able to infect plants outside the host range of their parents, infect hosts of both parental species, although these parents did not have overlapping hosts, or, in some cases, they were not able to infect hosts infected by the parents.