Phytophthora species from declining Austrocedrus chilensis forests in Patagonia, Argentina

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Journal Article


Mycologia, Volume 97, Number 1, p.218-228 (2005)



A survey of Phytophthora spp. in declining and healthy Austrocedrus chilensis forest was conducted to obtain an overview of the species that inhabit these forests. Seventeen declining and three healthy stands plus 11 associated streams were surveyed. Five Phytophthora species were recovered. P. syringae was the most common species isolated from soil and/or streams at nine declining sites and one healthy site. P. gonapodyides was isolated from streams only, at five declining sites. P. cambivora was isolated from soil and the undescribed taxa P. taxon Pgchlamydo’ and 22 P. taxon Raspberry’ were isolated from streams at one declining site each. The species were identified by ITS rDNA sequences and morphological features. Brief descriptions of each species and a discussion of their possible relationship with "mal del cipres" are presented.


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