Phytophthora rosacearum and P. sansomeana, new species segregated from the Phytophthora megasperma "complex"

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Journal Article


Mycologia, Volume 101, Number 1, p.129-135 (2009)



Phytophthora megasperma sensu lato was a conglomeration of morphologically similar but phylogenetically unrelated species. In this paper we continue the segregation of species from the old P. megasperma complex, formally naming two previously recognized isolate groups. Isolates recovered from rosaceous fruit trees (especially apple and cherry) are in ITS clade 6, related to but distinct from P. megasperma sensu strictu. They are named here Phytophthora rosacearum. They have been referred to previously as the "AC" or "high temperature small oospore" group of P. megasperma. A second group of isolates, earlier called "soybean race non-classifiable", recovered from soybeans in Indiana and other Midwestern states, are morphologically similar to P. megasperma sensu strictu but unrelated to that species, falling in ITS clade 8. They are named here P. sansomeana. Isolates recovered from Douglas-fir seedlings in nurseries in the Pacific Northwest and various weedy hosts in New York State, referred to in earlier work as "P. megasperma DF1", appear to be conspecific with the soybean isolates, although they include certain ITS DNA polymorphisms. Both new species are supported by a combination of new and previously published morphological, growth and molecular data.


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