Phytophthora pseudotsugae, a new species causing root rot of Douglas-fir

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Journal Article


Can. J. Bot., Volume 61, p.2626–2631 (1983)



Phytophthora pseudotsugae n. sp. was isolated from rotted roots of Douglas-fir growing in forest tree nurseries in Oregon and Washington. It is distinguished by large oogonia and oospores, mostly paragynous antheridia, and predominantly spherical or ovoid, persistent sporangia borne primarily on simple and unbranched sporangiophores. Sporangia are formed occasionally in liquid culture, rarely in solid media. Phytophthora pseudotsugae is distinguished most readily from P. cactorum by its unbranched sporangiophores and persistent sporangia. It also differs in growth on defined media, electrophoretic protein patterns, and pathogenicity. Comparison is also made with P. iranica, the other species in group 1 of Waterhouse.


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