Phytophthora nemorosa, a new species causing cankers and leaf blight of forest trees in California and Oregon, U.S.A.

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Journal Article


Mycotaxon, Volume 88, p.129–138 (2003)



Lithocarpus densiflorus, Phytophthora ilicis, Phytophthora ramorum, Quercus agrifolia, Umbellularia californica


Phytophthora nemorosa, a new species isolated from stem cankers on two species of Fagaceae and leaves of various hosts, is described. The new species resembles P. ilicis with homothallic, amphigynous antheridia and deciduous, semi-papillate sporangia, and has a related ITS-DNA sequence. Symptoms and host range are similar to P. ramorum, cause of Sudden Oak Death and leaf blight and shoot dieback diseases in California and Oregon forests, although P. nemorosa does not appear to cause wide-spread mortality of oak trees.


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