Phytophthora isolates from coconut plantations in Indonesia and Ivory Coast: characterization and identification by morphology and isozyme analysis

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Mycological Research, Volume 98, Number 12, p.1379 - 1389 (1994)



Isolates of Phytophthora were obtained from coconut palms with bud rot and/or premature nut-fall disease in Indonesia (36 isolates) and Ivory Cost (15 isolates), and from coconut plantation soil in Indonesia (17 isolates). Their morphology and isozyme patterns for MDH and GPI were compared with those of seven known Phytophthora species. Isolates from Indonesia assigned to P. arecae or P. palmivora by morphology had identical isozyme patterns and could not be separated by cluster analysis. Isolates of P. palmivora had one single-banded, and three triple-banded GPI patterns, one of which was unique to isolates from coconut. Isolates from Ivory Coast were assigned by morphology and by a distinctive MDH isozyme pattern to P. katsurae. They showed some morphological similarities, and had an identical GPI isozyme pattern to reference cultures of P. heveae, previously reported as a pathogen on coconut. We conclude that P. palmivora is the main pathogen associated with bud rot and premature nut-fall in Indonesia, whereas P. katsurae is associated with premature nut-fall in Ivory Coast.