A Lucid key to the common species of Phytophthora

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Journal Article


Plant Disease, Volume 96, p.897-903 (2012)




The Key to the Common Phytophthora species (Lucid v 3.4) is a matrix-based computerized identification key and includes important morphological and molecular characters that are useful for identification of 55 common species of Phytophthora. A set of 20 features are used to make a correct species identification. Once a culture is obtained, the user enters responses to known character state options into Lucid Player and the correct species is identified. Illustrations of each character state for a feature are included in the key. The main morphological features included in the key are: asexual structures, sexual structures, and chlamydospore, hyphae and cultural characteristics. The user can read an illustrated “Fact Sheet” on each species that includes pictures of morphological characters, disease symptoms, host range and relevant references. A cross-linked glossary of terminology is included in each fact sheet. In addition, a DNA Search function that contains a simple search of ITS and Barcode of Life (BOL, 5’ end of the cox1 gene) sequences for each species can be queried. The key was created to provide teachers, diagnosticians and regulatory personnel with easily accessible tools to distinguish common species in the genus Phytophthora based on a number of important morphological and molecular characteristics. The key is available for purchase from APS Press and should provide another useful tool for the identification of members of this destructive group of Oomycete plant pathogens.


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