Phytophthora cambivora

Species profile prepared by A. Vannini and A. Vettraino

To cite, see Forest Phytophthoras (2011) doi: 10.5399/osu/fp.1.1.181

Education and Management Materials

Recommandations pour la production de plants forestiers

Recommendations to foresters for keeping their plants free of Phytophthora cinnamomi and P. cambivora (13 pages in French).

Scheda Mal dell'Inchiostro

Two page leaflet on Ink disease for extension activities in Italy

Area sottoposta ad interventi per il contenimento del Mal dell'inchiostro del castagno

Warning board put in diseased chestnut forests subjected to Integrated Control Measures in the Latium Region (Italy)

Ferma Il Mal dell'inchiostro del castagno

Warning board on Ink disease of chestnut used in Latium Region (Italy)